Enthusiasts and specialists on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, the team at 6 Wings Tech is consistently researching, utilizing, and developing the latest applications in blockchain technology for clients. We see and understand the value of blockchain technology, and are advocates in educating and promoting the utilization of blockchains in many industries, adding transparency and efficiency to the system.

Our mission is to connect industries, supply chains, and companies across borders, and to make blockchain technology accessible and understandable to everyone with little resources and knowledge about how it works.

Please understand that like all assets there are risks involved in owning cryptocurrencies, and we do not endorse nor encourage the buying of cryptocurrencies for speculative purposes.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are fantastic tools to automate conditional tasks that are liable to execution error. Smart contracts are dictated by code and are immutable, meaning they will always execute as designed and cannot be changed.

Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain are generally written in the Solidity language. We can help you design and code your own smart contracts to automate tasks and connect with the blockchain.

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D-App Development

Decentralized Apps are groups of smart contracts that work together for a specific purpose. ‘Bitcoin’ is an example of a very successful one.

We can develop the entire decentralized app from start to finish using the Ethereum blockchain, integrate wallets into the application, and create a new crypto-currency to interact with the app.

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Blockchain Consulting

Interested in getting your business involved with blockchain technology but don’t know where to start? We will help you get started and knowledgeable enough to know how blockchain technology can help you, ideas on how you can use it, and show you tools made by others you can use today to benefit your business.

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